Dedicated application for CASIO memo printer Memopri (MEP-T10, MEP-F10, MEP-B10, MEP-U10) (USB connection only supported)

  • Font and size can be specified for each character in the font panel.
  • Support for both horizontal and vertical writing
  • Line space and position adjustment functions
  • Save character strings as canned text

Test environment
Memopri MEP-B10 (USB connection)

It seems that it is not possible to print to the full width of the tape. Therefore, the white area has margins above and below the white area (not the black area above and below the 9mm and 12mm tape widths).

If an error message is displayed and the operation subsequently becomes erratic, disconnect the USB connection and reconnect it.

This software has nothing to do with CASIO (CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD.).
Please do not contact CASIO.

1.7.1 (2024.3.17)

  • [Change] Changed built-in libusb to 1.0.27
  • [Change] Added English localization. (Special thanks to Matt Sephton)

Please refer to the help file from the Help menu for instructions on how to use the software.

Depending on the environment, the image may be printed completely black.
Unfortunately, it cannot be corrected. Please give up.

macOS 12.4~14(Gatekeeper and Notary Service support)
prima 1.7.1(2024.03.17)

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