WU FileCheckroom

A depository (temporary storage) for use in moving or copying files with registered shortcut keys is displayed near the mouse cursor position.
The depository can be used by dropping files, the service menu, dropping from the browser address bar, the linked camera function, or PopClip.

Display at mouse cursor position
Continuity Camera & Preview


  • If the window is not active, the copy and linked camera menus will not be enabled. If the word “Click” appears in the window, click in the window to make it disappear.
  • Files and text cannot be mixed. Also, text cannot be added.
  • Scanning documents” of the linked camera supports only the first sheet.
  • The preview function is only available for file types that support Quick Look.

Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Personal Information
We do not send files or other information used in the application to outside parties or provide it to third parties. We also do not collect any information at all.

The initial setup file data exists only locally on your Mac and in iCloud Key-Value Storage.
If necessary, please start the application and execute “Delete all data stored in iCloud” from the settings screen, then delete the application itself and the following files to completely erase the data.

Preferences file

Contact the author
Please send us a note in the comments section below or to the support email address listed in the help section.

Changes to our Privacy Policy
Any changes to the collection and use of personal information as a result of upgrades to this application will be disclosed on this page as appropriate.

3.3.0 (2023-01-20Applied-Published)

  • [New] Added support for multiple display environments.
  • [Change] “Show FileCheckroom near the mouse cursor position” was changed to the default behavior.
  • [Fix] The icon for webarchive files was not transparent.

3.4.0 (2023-02-03Applied-Published)

  • [Change] Changed system requirements to macOS 12 or later.
  • [Change] Changed the color settings of the appearance to be in the App. (Color settings in 3.3.0 or earlier can still be used unless deleted.)

3.4.1 (2023-06-30Applied-Published)

  • [Change] Changed system requirements to macOS 13 or later.
  • [Change] Added “Launch file depository when logging in” to the settings.


  • [New] English localization was added.

It is available on the App Store.
Category: Utilities
Price: Free (In-app purchases are available)

PopClip Extensions for use from PopClip for Mac . Once unzipped, double-click on the file inside to register it with PopClip.

PopClip Extensions(2022.8.31)

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